The Grand Canyon

Visited by millions of people and on the bucket lists of millions more, Grand Canyon National Park is an icon of modern American tourism.


Declared a National Monument of the United States by President Theodore Roosevelt on January 11, 1908 the park is a massive protected stretch of land in the Northwestern corner of Arizona.


In 1540 Spanish Conquistador Francisco Vasquez de Coronado’s expedition was the first European group to visibly sight the great canyon.  Many Native American’s had lived in the area long before the Spanish arrived.  Some natives even lived on the sides of the great cliffs for protection.  It wouldn’t be again until 1869 that a great expedition would travel to the Grand Canyon, when geologist John Wesley Powell took 10 other explorers down the Colorado River in rowboats.


President Theodore Roosevelt was one of the thousands of tourists that visited the Canyon by the end of the 1800’s.  Roosevelt made it a point each year to visit the sight. He was a New York native that showed a keen love and amazement for all things in the American West.


After taking control of the White House after the assassination of President William McKinley Roosevelt took on the tough task of setting forth hard-lined environmental conservation laws.  After taking steps to protect the nation’s land and animals, he looked beyond to the issue federal regulation of public lands.  At the time no place could become a National Park without first being approved by Congress.  Roosevelt, the trailblazer that he was, started a new tradition.  He as President of the United States began designating certain landmarks as National Monuments.


On January 11, 1908 Grand Canyon National Monument came into existence as President Roosevelt set aside more than 800,000 acres of land for Federal protection.


5 Million people plus today visit what was transformed into Grand Canyon National Park in 1919.  Most portions of the Canyon are only accesable by foot, boat, or mule.  Most visiters to the Canyon today view the majestic part of America’s landscape from the rim which sits 7,000 feet above sea level.





Photo 1: Photo by Staplegunther


Photo 2: Photo by Drenaline


Photo 3: Photo by Chensiyuan


Photo 4: Photo by dance4ever

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